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Ribertec - Construção e Reabilitação, Lda. is a construction firm oriented and specialized in repairing, strengthening, refurbishing and maintaining immovable assets since 2002.

Ribertec has been operating for over 15 years in the fields of Rehabilitation and Construction Engineering regarding residential, commercial, sporting, hotel, industrial and infra-structural buildings. We offer innovative construction processes and we pay continued attention to technology and equipment in the field of construction.

Its extensive professional experience, acquired by its appropriately qualified technicians in the areas of civil construction, public contracts and building heritage, is a prime factor in granting Ribertec, Reabilitação e Construção, Lda. The resources to perform the awarded works, ensuring safety, quality, price and time-limit.

Ribertec, Reabilitação e Construção, Lda. is also qualified to inspect and survey deficiencies and imperfections in the building, as well as to draft proposals for treatment and subsequent intervention.

Its field of action includes, from small to large interventions, structures, covers, interiors, façades, installing repairing works and structural strengthening, waterproofing, coating, carpentry, metal work, painting, demolition, technical installations, and it holds the required licenses for such activities.


            . General building construction;

            . Refurbishment of interiors;

            . Conservation and rehabilitation of buildings;

            . Repair and reinforcement of structures;


To be a SME with a solid technical component, positioning itself in the market among the best companies in its sector. To be able to react efficiently to the market needs, establishing lasting partnership relationships with its clients, employees and vendors.

Our activity is mainly focused in ​​Greater Lisbon area, although it covers the whole national territory and overseas.


Our cornerstones are Accuracy, Technical Capacity, Quality and Safety.

To provide high quality services which meet our clients’ needs, offering the adequate qualified, competent and extremely professional human resources.

To contribute to the country's sustainable development, through the rehabilitation and construction of immovable assets, thus offering strong knowledge and equipment which enable us to present the most appropriate and correct solutions.




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